Pasta Di Hotel Nino


Greens & Veggies
Approximately 1kg of meat
6 Warhol cans of italian, long, tomatoes
Salt, Pepper






IMG 20171121 140450

Cut the greens and veggies into tiny cubes. Roast them with Extra Vergine Olive Oil, and butter, if you like. Then add the meat, do the same. Add tomatoes and spices. Stir. Root Italian food by Giuseppe Micco and his Napoli daddy:

IMG 20171121 142834

 Cook any pasta you like for it. 

IMG 20171121 145019

 This is enough for approximately 10 persons first dish, after Aperitif.IMG 20171121 145028

Plustix Drug

I'd like to let you know, that when I saw the flick Plastic Planet (W. Boote) I changed. I was repelling human beings for 3 days, and then it took me more than three months to be able to communicate like normal human beings again. It means, that I felt so belied of being human, that I started to mistrust everybody. I asked myself, "How could it be, that human beings - face to face - speak to each other being honestly by being interested in human life".

Otti Kitzler's notes about poisoning plastic usage problems

My biodaddy and his family always cared for things like this. They cited Hildegard Of Bingen, in the Catholic life, for instance. Plastic was not good to them. They - and me - understood, that undereducated and poor needed to buy such plastic containers, because of money available everyday. My granny Seitz, she always cared for it - for the real thing, the real dishes, the real clothes, the real life - although having been a simple citizen of an age family in Vienna. She was a Catholic having survived two world wars - and therefore was a witness to speak to everybody. Of course, she mistrusted all, because of her wars experience, but The Bible and Catholic Catechism gave her and her sons, as it did for their ancestors, their religion and in the following, real or practical life. In fact and I hope I remember correctly, that sacraments are to be transformed really - as for instance health insurance accords to the Sacrament of annointing the sick. And I live according to my belief.

Which would mean, nearly all human beings are sick of plastic diseases. Let's go against it - against the usage of and therefore resisting energy waste and plastic consumerism. This kind of defense and agreement to buy and use as little plastic as possible can shift what God wanted for us human beings: Life prospering. I loath plastic taste in my mouth. It tastes like very bad and inhuman. Plastic is a poison, indeed, causing severe sicknesses, more than all other drugs bought and sold. It works, and I don't know how to express differently, on nanolevel or smaller. Me, I cannot analyze, but all scientists, who research, are protected from persecution in democracies. I hope, that governments nowadays and in the future will radically change to so - called "organic plastic". For real life, in practice. 

Chicken Liver

1 pkg of chicken liver or approximately 250g organic (for 1 person main dish)
1 red onion
1 sour-sweet apple (adds nuances of taste)
butter/oil of choice (organice olive, peanut or sunflower), salt, pepper (pink pepper)

1 Cut the onion little, 2 slice apple. 3 Add some butter or oil into the pan, warm it very hot. Add the onions, fry it golden, then add the liver to roast. 4 Add the apple to all, stir the liver, salt and pepper. 5 Cool all down with shots of white wine. 6 Leave the liver on flame until liquids are reduced small. The all over cooking time should not exceed 5 minutes in the pan.

Serve with the wine used in cooking, white bread and/or lettuce. Some like mushrooms or any other mild veggies with it. 

This liver is very healthy, once a month it helps with all vitamins and ferrum, for instance. Seldom, but for vitamin and mineral push, it is eaten raw when from organic origin. 


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