Kaiser, Koenig, Edelmann, Buerger, Bauer, Bettelmann

Kaiser, Koenig, Edelmann, Buerger, Bauer, Bettelmann is an old game played when eating together. The less human beings eat together, the higher the rank. The problem behind it is the philosophy. We used to play it when we were small, and all children do. It's not so easy to explain, why the Kaiser directs the participants. In any case, the one, who knows, he or she would finish eating first, is Kaiser and rules the meal. The second finished is king. The third the noble, the fourth bourgeois, the fifth farmer, the sixth the beggar. Some human beings never understand this game. When we were babies, we learned to rule with this game. Of course, the one most ruled is the weakest and defenseless, and loses the game. Interpretations are endless ...


Nobility works

SybilStreetCredibilityOftentimes, I was asked, why aristos wouldn't be occupied in a proper workplace. Compared to previous centuries fights, it's easy life in the third millenium. People think, that we would get up whenever we would want, have luxury breakfast and do zero all day long, spend a fortune in castles, cars, holliday, food, clothes, whatever. The contrary is true: Yes, getting up in the morning should be easy. Breakfast then. The day is structured by things to do: Having an appointment, going out to meet somebody, representing or having meal to business.

In Austria, people ask me why I wouldn't work, oftenly. Truly, I don't know what they want. I mean, I don't stand around in a place and sell something, I am not so visible while working. I started to understand, why they stare at me, when I sit in a compi place and write. Today, I was at medics place and thought about an old idea my nephew had, he wanted to research about the "Sybil Amber Scheme", or "Das Sybil Amber Komplott". Then, I asked somebody to make some documentation pix for street credibility the people want. I don't know exactly why this should be so, but they seem to place a certain importance to it. It's ok, fotos they can have.

And here, the start of the noble working hands series:

SybilHand copy

Problems in life are, for instance, eagles, eagles shit on the window sill, noble appearances with light blond wigs in the gym, sudden guises on the street, threat of life and limb, gardening, Kriminalfalten, perception disturbed people, peonage (body possession forbidden more than a hundred years), and many more. Regular partying, of course.


I found this foto so nice, I shot with my small phone cam. Bluegreen light and shimmer is held for emanations of God in many sociocultures. Bluegreen therefore means God. This happened before I converted to Catholicism, somebody did this for me in 2015. Living with John Paul II's, Karoly Wojtyla, blessing since 1980, I am protected. I think, it was Mr. Habsburg, who did this for me, when Montsignore Wilfinger in Paulaner Church spread the word, that I convert to Catholicism. My biodaddy was a Catholic Christian, so being with the Igbo - speaking population, it was a kind of formal step to adjust real life. Family Viktorik trained me in what God gave and gives to them since hundreds of years. Giuseppe Micco helped me, too.Paulanerkirche

This year I prepare for Chrismation.



Guess Who!

Remembering a little event in my parents Otti's and Ingrid's house, I hope perfectly, I felt I would like to share it with the people. Many visited my parents house, respectively my house, of course. I was small, when I found mum kneeling in front of a man on her green - white Nigerian kitchen floor. Ingrid begged him to forgive her, but she would need money for herself and her children. I stood next to her, hand folded in the back, and tried to support her as a little lady to give her strength and firmness in her performance. When I was small, I used to ask intelligent questions and they couldn't stop me from it. I didn't dare to address this man from England with a kind face myself, but questioned in German, "Mum, could you ask him please, if Beefeaters have to stand still even if their clothes are pulled off?" She reacted desperate with a knittered face. In German he answered, "Ingrid, Deine Tochter ist viel intelligenter als Du". All the house was silent. I was to small to realize, why mum cried, and added to comfort her, "Money, honey. Wir brauchen Geld". I looked at her, she was changing her habit, deeply sighing. He protected her with his hand over her head, and said,"Ingrid, ich kann Dir nichts geben", and then some words in English I didn't understand, yet. He said something like, that he would sent some people to give my parents more success. I felt ashamed a little, because mum behaved funny. She stood up then, heavy like a stone and thanked him. This is how I learned ruling, and I was and am very proud of it.

A Tudor in Camillo - Sitte - Gasse

A year ago or so, I visited the old man, a former journalist, to counsel about something. We drank a beer, I ate some fresh Italian Parmiggiano and the next spaghetti event, respectively the cheese sauce, was fixed. I left in the afternoon, and thought about where to meet my friend. As I walked to the tram station next to Gablenzgasse, I raised my head with the feeling there is somebody standing. I looked into his eyes and realized, that Mr. Tudor was looking around as to find out where he would be.

I stood still immediately, of course, and spoke to him to make him feel safe. "Sir, can I help you? Did you loose your way?" He was not very amused to be recognized. After I answered his question on how I would know him - hair and eyes, I asked, where he would want to go and if he wanted to eat something in the old man's house, some Italian food and chat about Italian politics, or so. Mr. Tudor refused, he seemed confused still at the tram station in this little street in Vienna, where people are rude sometimes. "Are they?", he said. I felt worried, at once, that he would have had a brawl, and tried to find out, if I was to call my nephews. I advised him, to visit them in Lower Austria. He didn't know how to go there, but I offered to call some chauffeur services, I would accompany him. He only had his credit card with him, then he decided to continue strolling through Vienna. He went on, as I took the next tram to go shopping. As a perfect tourist advisor, I felt relaxed.

Why are nobles agog on kin?

The reason is, that genetic research shows, we are related to each other through centuries. When I go to medic and wait in the first room, and, I call him Jerzy, sits there and waits, I can see he has my nephews face. He looks like twin, but lives in his book castle in Poland. Central thought here is: Oh, a relative! We could visit him and have a nice time. Kin promises a very nice time, new ideas and topics, and business. Important is learning history, stories, events and finding memes or search old documents, entertainment, comfi dining and playing games. 


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