Draft OT.1

Here is my first draft on an oracle theory, I developed in the snooker room among Igbo. It develops slowly, because I feel I wana grab all my thoughts about the connection between what happens in social life, of what was estimated and predicted, and social committments. 

"Oracles work on the basis of networked thoughts and concepts, typical networked anthropologic as networked points and calculation of the logic of praxis. I think about this for years, now. Practice increases the stability and communication of neuronal networks, human beings and social groups and society as a whole. According to Ray Kurzweil, the above mentioned processes are eased through memes, bemes and the body of sociocultural knowledge. In liquid modernity, movements and energy flows increase, invisible and visible." (2010/2015)

Social networking among Igbo - speaking human beings includes notions of social organisation and perfect communication softly influenced by, let me say, dignitaries. It is not very easy to understand how it works and what capabilities were developed and which are chosen throughout thousands of years. Some, what "democratic studies" would call, concepts or memes can be deducted, found or revived by communication. According to time concepts being among Igbo - speaking and human beings, whose ancestors came from Igboland, shape day and night into market days. Things take time, and in the Bible we learn, that there is a time for everything, for everything there is season and for every matter under heaven (Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8).


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